“Hi everyone, I’m Ricky, I’m a designer & mental health awareness advocate. A few years ago I was given the opportunity to take part in a local project to talk about mental health in a fresh, candid way on community radio.

The project was named Mentally Sound, and in 2017 we moved the programme onto Spice FM. Right now due to the Covid pandemic, I’ve been recording weekly Life In Lockdown podcasts, which also goes on-air via the radio station. I’ve interviewed everyone from therapists, shielders, food banks, artists, mutual aid, service users, politicians etc…to talk about the effects lockdown has had on peoples wellbeing. We give advice on how to cope, as well as doing live mediation & mindfulness exercises on-air! Join us on Tuesdays, 1pm, for a refreshing way in which we talk about mental health.


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